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SBI Video KYC Update: There will be no need to visit a bank to create an SBI savings account; KYC will be completed by video. Update on SBI Video KYC: The State Bank of India (SBI Bank) is the country’s largest government bank! Video KYC has been implemented, providing significant relief to our consumers. Considering the present situation in Corona, where residents are being told to stay at home! Keeping this in mind, SBI has made it possible to complete KYC through video while sitting at home rather than visiting a branch to create an account with the bank.

SBI Video KYC Update,

The State Bank of India (SBI) said it is a tremendous joy to provide the option of creating a savings account online, which is critical in the present economic scenario. We hope that this effort will bring a new dimension to Mobile Banking and provide clients with a competitive advantage in their banking!

SBI Video eKYC Update,

Artificial intelligence and face recognition technologies will also be used to empower the bank for digital demands! This digital endeavour is a paperless and contactless approach. Make yourself recognised! Since last year, numerous private banks have offered Video KYC to their customers.

This is how the KYC video from the YONO app works.

  • Go to ‘New at State Bank Of India’ and choose ‘Insta Plus Savings Account’!
  • Then we enter our Aadhaar information into the app!
  • Once the Aadhaar authentication is complete, the user will provide personal information.
  • The consumer will then be booked for a video call to complete the KYC (Video KYC) procedure.
  • Following the completion of the video KYC, our SBI account (SBI Account) will be established!

Documents required  for  KYC  _ 

  1. Passport
  2. voter  ID  card
  3. driving  license
  4. aadhar  card
  5. NREGA  card
  6. pan  card

What  is KYC  – SBI Video KYC Update 

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) uses KYC (Video KYC) to identify customers. Which banks and other financial organisations assist us attain a decent life for our customers? Learn to say ‘not your customer’ instead of ‘our customer!’ It also requires some confirmation of identification to accomplish this for the type of bank (SBI Bank) and financial firms.

SBI stated that the bank was forced to take this action due to the situation in Corona. Customers are unable to visit banks since several states are under lockdown or curfew. Previously, the consumer had to go to the bank with KYC documents, and KYC information were obtained by submitting the paperwork there. In light of Corona, this activity has been halted, and the bank has requested KYC papers by post or email. is

How to Update Your KYC with State Bank of India As previously stated, the consumer must give his address proof and identity card by registered email or postal mail. Those who wish to provide documents through email must use the same email address as registered with the bank. is a registered trademark. A scanned copy of the papers must be emailed to the bank branch’s email address from that email.

Update on SBI Video KYC This task is only for those individuals from whom the bank has requested KYC papers. Scan the KYC documents and attach them to the email. The branch advises you ahead of time when KYC is necessary and what documents must be presented. Forgery is now prevalent on a huge scale. As a result, send your papers solely to the registered email address.