How to Check SBI Balance? Missed Call Number, SMS, App

In today’s article, learn how to check SBI balance? In this we have told about the ways to see the account balance of State Bank of India through many mediums like Missed Call Number, SMS, App, UPI.

How to check State Bank of India account balance? How to Check SBI Bank Account Balance?

State Bank of India, which is called the country’s largest government bank, remains the foundation of India’s economy. It has been providing various types of banking and finance related facilities to its customers to take care of them.

If your account is in any branch of SBI Bank and you want to know your bank balance, then it can be known in many ways, we will talk about similar methods today, so let’s start – 

1. SBI Balance Check using Internet Banking or Mobile Banking by State Bank of India Internet or Mobile Banking

If you have taken this facility on your bank account then it becomes very easy to know the balance. To use this option you will need net banking login id password.

To take SBI net banking service, you have to apply with your account number and some important information in your bank, nowadays this facility has become online, you can activate this service in your account even by applying online.

  • Open SBI official website
  • Select personal banking option
  • Enter your username and password here
  • Go to Profile menu and select Account Summary
  • Here click on “Check for Balance”. Along with this you will get your bank balance information.

Taking advantage of this service also saves your time and is convenient. About 73.5 million SBI customers are taking advantage of this service in the country.


Bank balance can also be checked from   YONO App launched by SBI. For this follow the following procedure-

  • Login to SBI’s YONO App. Use your SBI Internet Banking ID and Password to login.
  • Click on ‘Accounts option’
  • Click on My Balance option and select Savings Account.

With this the bank balance will be visible on your screen. Today it is being used by about 51 million customers.

3. Bank ATM by Bank ATM

You can go to the ATM machine and check the balance through mini statement there. Most of the customers who have SBI account also have SBI ATM cum Debit card .

With which they can withdraw money by going to any ATM, as well as by following some instructions, they can know the bank balance which is as follows-

  • Sweep Your Card at the ATM Machine
  • Enter your 4 digit ATM PIN
  • There select the Balance Inquiry option
  • Your bank balance will show in front of you, if you want to print it, then you can take it by selecting the print option.

Note- Only limited free transactions have been given per ATM by RBI, after that charges are deducted, checking bank balance at ATM is also counted in the transaction.

4. State Bank of India SMS Banking SBI SMS Banking

If you are a user of SBI and you do not have any of the above mentioned methods, then the bank takes care of you for this.

In such a situation, you can also check account balance by sending SMS ‘BAL’ to 09223766666. For this you have to get your mobile number registered in your bank branch.

This is very convenient for those people who have more than one account in SBI and all of them are registered with the same mobile number. In such a situation, they get to know the balance of all the accounts simultaneously.

5. SBI Missed Call Balance through missed call from mobile

State Bank of India has also started the missed call facility for the customers to tell the balance in the account. You can take advantage of this service by sending a missed call to 092237-66666.

To activate missed call service on your mobile phone, type ‘REG<SPACE>Account Number’ and send it to 09223488888. A confirmation message will come from the bank that your service has been activated.

6. State Bank of India Passbook SBI Passbook Balance Check

State Bank also provides a pass book to its customers along with opening the account, customers should keep updating it to see the bank balance and transactions done in the account.

So that you can also get information about the balance available in your account. The customer can go to the bank to update, as well as the bank has now installed passbook kiosks with ATM machines outside, from which he can update it.

7. UPI Balance Check SBI UPI Balance Check

Today, almost everyone’s mobile phone is found in Google Pay or even through Phone Pay, check the balance of the bank.

Can be done. Through this app, many tasks can be done from fund transfer to any account. To check balance from this app, follow the following process –

Open this app (Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Phone Pe, BHIM UPI, Mobikwik Pay)

Then click on Check Account Balance option here enter UPI PIN with this you can see SBI balance here (If you have not activated your SBI account on Google Pay / Phone Pay then do it first)

These were the easiest and best ways to check balance in SBI. If you are a user of State Bank of India and you have questions related to it, then you can ask through comment.