Walmart Money Card Login, How To Login Walmart MoneyCard Account?

Using your Walmart Money Card, The Walmart Money Card may be the best option if you want a straightforward and safe way to handle your money. Using its online platform, you can simply check your account and keep an eye on your spending, payments, and other activities.

To utilize any of these features, you must first learn how to log into your account. Additionally, we will take you step-by-step through the Walmart Money Card login process in this post.

Money Card Login Account?

Describe the Walmart Money Card.

Green Dot Bank and Walmart have partnered to issue the Walmart Money Card debit card. The card’s issuer, Green Dot Bank, is in charge of enforcing all eligibility restrictions and use guidelines.

Users may load money onto the Walmart Money Card and use it as a prepaid debit card everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Customers’ deposits will also grow in value through interest.

The Walmart Money Card might be a practical way to manage your money if you often make purchases at Walmart. Get a portion of your purchase price back when you use your MoneyCard.

Why Utilize a Walmart Money Card?

There are various benefits for Walmart Money Card members. This debit card has many of the same safety precautions as other Visa and MasterCard debit cards. Additionally, there is a free online facility for paying bills. Money orders, paper checks, or recurring monthly payments can be used to pay bills like vehicle insurance.

With the Walmart MoneyCard, you may also receive an annual return of up to $75. On purchases made through, you can get 3% cash back, 2% at Walmart petrol stations, and 1% in stores.

How to Open an Account for a Walmart Money Card?

To access an existing Walmart Money Card account, you must first register for one. How? Continuity follows.

  • Visit the Walmart Money Card webpage.
  • The top of the page has a “Get a Card” button.
  • Decide which card design you want. (The Plus Card or the Basic Card, respectively).
  • Finish registering by entering your contact information.
  • Adopt these constraints and conditions.

Hopefully, you’ll receive your card in the mail shortly.

You may activate your card and load funds onto it when you receive it.

How Can I Log Into My Walmart Money Card Account?

Following these procedures will allow you to access your Walmart Money Card account:

  • Go to the Walmart Money Card Login page.
  • The Consumer Login button on the home page will take you to your account.
  • Fill out the login page with your username and password when prompted.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Just click the login button.
  • Your account will become active and functional.
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How Do I Reset My Walmart Money Card Login Information?

Any one of the following three methods can help you find your forgotten Walmart Money Card login information:

How To Find Your Walmart MoneyCard Login Information First

  • First, you need to click the “I have my user ID” radio button, then press the “Continue” button. The portal’s front page is where users may confirm their identities.
  • After checking the “I’m not a robot” box, the user must input their user ID and SSN. Select “Continue” as soon as you can.
  • The Moneycard gateway will also give the user further instructions for regaining their forgotten password.

Another Way To Find Your Walmart MoneyCard Login Information

Turn the “I have my card” dial first, and then choose “continue” from the menu that appears. Your browser will also direct you to a screen where you may “Enter your card information.”

  • The user must provide their card number and Social Security number before hitting the continue button in order to move further. By following the site’s on-screen instructions, users may reset their passwords.

Finding Your Walmart Money Card Login Information in a Third Way

  • The user can retrieve their password by clicking the “I do not know my User ID or have my card” button.
  • When a user selects the “Continue” option, a new dialogue box with the title “Enter the Personal Information” will appear on the website.
  • Third, the user must provide their zip code and SSN before selecting “I’m not a robot” and moving on. The dashboard for your account has instructions on how to reset your password.

How Do I Get Support For My Walmart Money Card?

You have a few options for contacting customer care if you need assistance with your Walmart Money Card account. Here are some alternatives:

  • DialĀ 1-877-937-4098. for customer service.
  • Make use of the online chat option on the Walmart Money Card website.
  • Message someone using the Walmart Money Card app.

Suggestions for Secure Online Banking

It’s critical to take security precautions while using your Walmart Money Card online. The following advice is offered:

  • Make a secure password, and change it frequently.
  • When signing in, use a secure network; stay away from free Wi-Fi.
  • Don’t give anyone else your login credentials.
  • Keep a close eye on your account for any odd behavior.
  • Immediately notify customer service of any unusual activities.

Questions Regarding Walmart Money Card Login

How far afield can I use my Walmart Money Card?

In locations that accept Visa or Mastercard, you can use your Walmart Money Card worldwide. But be aware that there might be extra charges or limitations for use abroad.

Is there a maximum amount I may put on my Walmart Money Card?

There is a cap on the amount you may load onto your Walmart Money Card, yes. Up to $10,000 may be in the account.

How quickly do funds transfer to my Walmart Money Card?

After you load money onto your Walmart Money Card, it may take up to two or three business days for it to show up.

Can I have several accounts for my Walmart Money Card?

No, each person is limited to having a single Walmart Money Card account.

Does using the Walmart Money Card require payment?

It is true that using the Walmart Money Card entails expenses, such as monthly maintenance fees, ATM withdrawal fees, and transaction fees. By using the card carefully and avoiding pointless purchases, these costs can be reduced.


Using the Walmart Money Card is a convenient way to manage your finances. By adhering to the directions in this article, you can quickly access your account and start managing your funds.

Please get in touch with customer service right away if you see any questionable behavior. With the extra guarantee that your money is always safe, the Walmart Money Card offers the convenience and security of a preloaded debit card.

So why do you still wait? You can start confidently managing your finances right away by logging into your Walmart Money Card account.