Air Baltic Airlines Baggage Allowance 2023

The Latvian airline AirBaltic offers a liberal luggage allowance. Regardless of the ticket category, all airBaltic flights offer two pieces of checked luggage without any further charges. The maximum weight for each checked piece of luggage is 32 kg (71 lbs). In addition to your checked baggage, you are allowed to bring one piece of hand luggage (up to 8 kg or 17 pounds) and a smaller personal item (up to 3 kg or 7 lbs). Fees apply for any excess checked baggage.

You can carry a piece of sporting equipment as one of your checked bags on airBaltic flights between Riga and St. Petersburg (such as skis, snowboards, golf bags, bicycles, hockey/basketball equipment, etc.) for an extra cost. If you are traveling with a musical instrument, you do not need to pay an extra fee to check it in as one piece of luggage together with one other item.

Air Baltic Baggage Limit Information

Carry On Luggage Weight:8kg To 10kg
Carry On Luggage Size:45 Inches
Checked In Baggage Size:62 Inches
Checked In Baggage Weight:20kg To 23kg
Prohibited Items:Hoverboards, Fireworks, Bleach And, Firearms.

Air Baltic Airlines Hand Baggage Allowances Domestic / International

A carry-on bag

One piece of cabin luggage and one personal item, such as a briefcase, camera bag, or small backpack, are both allowed for Air Baltic customers to bring on board the aircraft. You should be able to store your carry-on luggage in the Air Baltic overhead compartments or beneath the seat in front of you.

With the exception of some musical instruments that can fit in the Air Baltic overhead compartment or under-seat space that is available at the time of boarding, carry-on luggage cannot exceed 114 centimeters in total width, length, and height, including any wheels or handles.

Baggage must fit within Air Baltic’s carry-on size restrictions.

Air Baltic only allows one personal item per passenger to board the aircraft due to the aircraft’s limited overhead capacity for flights with 50 seats or fewer.

There are restrictions on some routes. Find out more by visiting the Air Baltic website.

Air Baltic Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Checked baggage: all you have to know

We can all relate to this situation: sulking in front of a travel bag with a million unanswered questions: what to pack, how to pack everything effectively, which objects are permitted to be packed, and which are not. Finding out the luggage rules of the airline you’re about to fly with is highly advised to prevent any problems at the airport.

Checked bags on Air Baltic flights; Infant and kid luggage; Prohibited goods; Heavy or bulky bags; Animals on board; Connecting flights; Sports equipment; Lost bags

Baggage checked on Air Baltic flights

One piece of checked luggage may weigh up to 23 kg and may not exceed 100x50x80 cm on AirBaltic flights. You must select the ticket type when making your reservation, and this decision affects the baggage fees.

The following baggage regulations apply to each of the three ticket categories offered by AirBaltic:

  • BUSINESS: 2 bags, free of charge, with a combined weight of no more than 46 kg and no more than 32 kg per bag;
  • FREE 1 bag (maximum 23 kg) for CLASSIC and GREEN plus;
  • GREEN – when purchasing tickets on, starting at 19.99 EUR per bag for a one-way trip. The cost of checked bags might change based on the flight’s duration and itinerary.

There is never a charge to add extra luggage to your reservation, but there is a three-bag limit per person. We advise adding checked bags to your reservation on to receive the special online rate, which starts at 19.99 EUR per bag for one way travel. There’s always the option to pay more to add luggage later or even at the airport.

Air Baltic Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

According to information on Air Baltic’s official website,, in addition to the usual domestic travel prices, there may be additional charges for additional luggage.

Between journeys, this could change. Find out more by visiting the Air Baltic website.

Air Baltic Airlines Excess/Extra Baggage Allowance

Each time you exceed the size, weight, or quantity restrictions when using Air Baltic, there will be an additional charge. This changes often according on location. Visit the Air Baltic website for additional details and current prices.

Air Baltic Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

Unless you have enhanced your cabin baggage limit up to 12 kilos, each Economy class passenger on an airBaltic trip is only permitted to check one cabin bag (55x40x23 cm) and one personal item (30x40x10 cm), which together weigh a maximum of 8 kilograms.

Hefty cabin gear

Bring 12 kilograms with you at most! Although the size and number of articles for cabin baggage are same, you may now take up to 12 kilograms of cabin luggage with you starting at 11.99 EUR.

Don’t set boundaries, and journey stress-free!

  • Stay away from the check-in line at the airport.
  • Avoid the luggage carousel to get where you’re going even faster.
  • In the event that your cabin bag weighs more than the usual allowance, save 75 EUR at the gate.

Air Baltic Airlines Overweight Baggage Fees

Extra-baggage charges

On Air Baltic flights, excess baggage (defined as three or more bags per person) will cost between $85 and $95 per bag.

Costs for overweight luggage

Any bag weighing more than 50lbs is deemed overweight and oversized. In addition to any regular, extra, or large baggage costs, Air Baltic also charges fees for overweight luggage. Air Baltic does not accept checked baggage that weighs more than 99 lbs.

Costs for oversized luggage

Most bags that total more than 62 inches in height, length, and weight are deemed enormous. In addition to any regular, excess, or overweight costs, Air Baltic charges surcharges for excessive luggage.

To know in detail about Air Baltic airlines extra baggage charges, visit