Air Malta Airlines Baggage Allowance 2023

Unless they are babies, all travellers may check one piece of checked luggage that weighs no more than 15 kg and one piece of hand luggage that weighs no more than 5 kilograms.• The size of hand baggage must be more than 55 cm (L) x 40 cm (H) x 25 cm (W).• Passengers traveling in business class are permitted a maximum of two pieces of checked baggage weighing 20 kg each and up to five kilograms in hand luggage.• Overweight luggage will cost travellers traveling in Economy Class €20 per item.• For travelers traveling in Economy Class, each additional kilogram of luggage costs €20.For travellers traveling in business class, there are no additional luggage costs.• Pre-booking as cargo is required for any item weighing more than 32 kg.• Special luggage must be declared at check-in for free goods such laptops, tablets, jewelry, valuables, and fragile items.

Air Malta Airlines Baggage Allowance Domestic / International

How much can you bring? Just as with checked-in baggage, the amount of Air Malta hand baggage you can take with you will depend on the travel class of your ticket. 2 pieces x 15 kg total weight per person (1 piece x 10kg max) // Infants not entitled to hand baggage

Air Malta Airlines Hand Baggage Allowances

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If you attempt to check luggage that is heavier than the allowed weight, this is considered excess baggage, and you will have to pay more at the service counter. Whether or not the permitted excess luggage limit has been exceeded, keep in mind that a single piece of checked baggage should never weigh more than 32kg. Each piece of luggage that weighs more than 32 kg needs to be repackaged in a different bag. Please read the following disclaimer.

Travel Class Maximum Dimensions Maximum Weight allowed 
Smart Business and Business Freedom2 pieces of hand baggage: 40x55x25 cm each 2 pieces x 15 kg total weight per person (1 piece x 10kg max) // Infants not entitled to hand baggage 
Just Business and Business upgrades2 pieces of hand baggage: 40x55x25cms each 2 pieces x 15 kg total weight per person (1 piece x 10kg max) // Infants not entitled to hand baggage 
Sale, Go Light, Go Safe, Go Smart and Go Flex1 piece of hand baggage: 40x55x25cms and 1 small bag 40x30x15cms 1 piece x 10 kg per person plus a small bag not weighing more than 2 kgs // Infants not entitled to hand baggage. 

Air Malta Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

Allowance for Cabin Baggage on Air Malta

The maximum amount of hand luggage each Air Malta passenger may bring is one item. Its size and weight should not be greater than 20 x 40 x 55 cm and 10 kg, respectively. Any hand luggage that is larger than these limits will not be allowed as cabin baggage; instead, it will need to be transported in the airplane hold.

Air Malta Baggage

Airlines NameFree cabin baggage limitsFree checked baggage limits
Air MaltaMaximum dimensions should not
exceed 20 cms x 40 cms x 55 cms and  weigh  10 kgs
Economy Class: 20 kg free/Club Class: 30 kg free

Air Malta Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Checked Baggage

Passengers are entitled to the following free baggage allowance:

  • Economy Class: 20 kg free
  • Club Class: 30 kg free

Your Checked-in Baggage

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Trust us to take full care of your Air Malta checked-in bags, from the moment you arrive at our service desk, until you pick them up from your destination. 

Essential info

  • The amount of baggage you can check in depends on the travel class of your ticket.
Product FamilyBaggage Permitted
SaleNo Free Bag 
Go LightNo Free Bag 
Go Smart1PC each – 23kg 
Go Flex1PC each – 23kg 
Just Business1PC each – 32kg 
Smart Business2PC each – 32kg 
Business Freedom2PC each – 32kg 
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Air Malta Airlines Excess/Extra Baggage Allowance & Fees

Excess Baggage  Prices

Types of BaggagePurchased OnlinePurchased at the airportRedeem KMiles *
Up to 23kg Baggage€ 40 € 60 4000 
Upgrading Bag from 23kg to 32kg€ 40 € 60 4000 
32kg Baggage€ 70 € 90 7000 

Air Malta Airlines Baggage Allowance for Student

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Air Malta Airlines Overweight Baggage Fees

Overweight, Oversized, or Excess Baggage Fees

You have the option to purchase discounted online Excess Baggage vouchers from Air Malta to pay for the transportation of your additional luggage. Utilize this booking form to make a reservation up to 4 hours before departure.


At the time of writing, the data on this page were true and accurate. For the most official and current luggage limits, please visit Airlines have the right to amend their policy at any moment.