IOB Mobile Number Change Online & Offline, Change Of Mobile Number In IOB, IOB Mobile Number Change Form 2024

Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) Mobile Banking Registration, How to Update/Register Your Cell Number with Indian Overseas Bank, The Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines are followed by the national bank Indian Overseas Bank. The bank has been providing its clients in the public banking sector with a wealth of convenient services and amenities.

IOB Mobile Number Change

Being a customer of an Indian foreign bank entitles you to many of their facilities and services. The regular updates and information their customers receive by SMS or phone is one such function this bank provides. They make it a point to keep their clients informed about changes to bank policy, new offers, etc. They constantly send SMS with transaction and account information, much like other banks.

IOB Mobile Number Change Form

The customer’s registered cellphone number is crucial due to all the critical information given via SMS or call. The bank regularly monitors every customer’s contact information in case a sudden need to get in touch with them or give them information arises.

How to Establish a Mobile Number or Update It in an Indian Overseas Bank

The query that one could now have is, “How can I register my cellphone number with the bank?” The question of how to modify a registered mobile number may come up among those who have previously registered their mobile phones. These two problems can be answered with only a few straightforward actions.

IOB Mobile Number Change Online & Offline, Change Of Mobile Number In IOB, IOB Mobile Number Change Form 2024

Download IOB Mobile Number  Change Form 2024
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Visit the local branch.

To register or change a cellphone number, go to the Indian Overseas Bank home branch with identification and proof of address in hand.

Get a form to change your mobile number

To get a KYC Detail Change Form or a Mobile Number Change Request Form, one must first visit with the branch’s Account Executive.

Complete form

The most important step is this one. Here, the KYC detail change form must be filled out completely. You must include some of the following information on the form.

  • Your bank information, such as account numbers, names of account holders, types of accounts, etc.
  • Depending on whether you want to register a new mobile number or update an existing one, select the appropriate option or check the relevant box.
  • In the area provided on the form, enter the new mobile number.
  • On the spot where it is indicated, sign the form.

Send the KYC Detail Change Form in.

Afterwards, one must deliver this properly completed KYC detail change form to the bank executives together with a copy of their proof of address.

Recognize your desire

After that, the bank executive will review your form, signature, and other information. He or she will acknowledge your request if they deem the form to be fully complete.

Taking care of your request

The IOB Bank representatives will register or modify your cellphone number in your account and bank records after processing and authentication. After that, a message with details will be sent to your newly registered cellphone number.


If all the requirements are carefully followed, registering or upgrading a cell number with an Indian abroad bank is pretty straightforward. It simply takes a few papers from your end to complete the procedure, which is quick.